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Perevertov Valeriy Petrovich, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, professor of sub-department of construction and road machines and machine building technology, Samara State University of Railway Transport (443066, 18 Pervyy Bezymyannyy lane, Samara, Russia),
Andronchev Ivan Konstantinovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, acting rector, Samara State University (443011, 1 Academician Pavlov street, Samara, Russia)
Abulkasimov Manas Mukitovich, senior lecturer, sub-department of information processing and control systems, Moscow State Technical University named after N. A. Bauman (105005, page 1, 5 2-ya Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia)

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It is shown that the intensification of technological processes of heat treatment, welding, alloying, spraying and other methods of surface treatment of materials is largely determined by applying a powerful concentrated energy flows in the form of the electron beam, laser, plasma and/or ion impact. High power density of the laser radiation, significantly superior to other energy, allow not only significantly increase processing performance, but also to obtain qualitatively new properties inaccessible surfaces, traditional methods of handling materials. New methods and devices the billet material processing (details) low-temperature highfrequency plasma (flare discharge), that provides the prospect of flexible production technology development of modules and systems for automated production of the XXI century.

Key words

technology of processing materials, heat treatment, cladding, alloying, sputtering, electron beam, laser radiation, monitoring, diagnosis, regulation parameter.

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